Project Management

Streamline project management with advanced analytics across the pre-construction and construction pipelines. Get detailed project information, make dallies easy, and track employees with one all-in-one solution.

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BOLDBuild Project management allows you to build a loyal clientele by offering outstanding project experiences. Our advanced project management capabilities will enable you to deliver successful projects on-time and within budget.


Explore our advanced project creation, management, and scheduling capabilities. BOLDBuild Project management promises to reduce your effort, improve your project management, and increase collaboration altogether!

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Contract Creation

Easily create, track, and view all your projects and contracts through our user-friendly interactive dashboards. Save those hours of labor that go into project and contract creation and use them where they are needed.

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Access all the information you need for purchasing through one integrated solution. BOLDBuild Project Management’s procurement capabilities take away the hassle of equipment and material purchasing.

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Purchase Requisition

When it comes to purchasing requisition, we know that transparency is at the top of your list. With our optimized inventory management tools and detailed financials, you will have a clear view of requisitions.

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Task Scheduling

Automate the mundane process of scheduling and tracking tasks with our solution and efficiently track daily labor hours, equipment status, and visitor logs for each project through your computer, tab, or mobile phone.

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Estimation Updates

Don’t let your crucial business estimates rely on guesswork or inefficient software. BOLDBuild Project management leverages advanced machine learning, AI, and BI to ensure that your calculations are accurate and up to date.

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Gantt Chart

Visuals make everything more fun, simple, and user-friendly. Our Gantt charts will allow you to easily read data, track dependencies, and ensure that there is no overlap or delay in your project activities.

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3-D Model

Streamline the visualization process of your project with the help of 3-D models. Interact with your design and make timely adjustments before you start building.

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In Negotiation

Say goodbye to long, cumbersome internal negotiations with vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors. The BOLDBuild Project Management app can select the perfect partner for your construction needs.

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