Why Choose BOLDBuild?

Here is an overview of BOLDBuild – the only solution in the market that ties sales, pre-construction, and post construction processes together:

BOLDBuild – At a Glance

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BOLDBuild Basic

A budget-friendly feature plan for your construction business needs
  /  BOLDBuild Basic
The BOLDBuild Basic Package (SMB offer) is designed specifically for businesses looking to modernize their construction company by streamlining their internal processes. BOLDBuild Basic Package provides small construction firms with the ability to claim their stake in the market. 
  • BOLDBuild Basic Price: $85/user/month  
  • User Limit: 25 users (ideal for small business owners and startups)
  • BOLDBuild Basic Configuration and Setup  Price: $13,000

BOLDBuild Basic Setup 

  • Separate Functional Apps/ BOLDBuild License

    App setup (based on license) 

  • Process Automation

  • Integration setup (*MSFT Teams integration, *Email integration, *Office 365 integration, *Document integration)

    (*Email initial setup is not included)

  • Roles and Security 

    Define user roles and security levels

  • Service accounts setup 

    Easily set up service accounts for integrations

BOLDBuild Basic Configuration

  • Services 

    Templatized inclusions, exclusions, and scope of work

  • Service types 

    Track services (roofing, electrical, structural, etc.) through templates

  • Internal Project team 

    Allocate project team templates and appoint team members

  • External Stakeholders

    Define stakeholder templates and assign external team members

  • Integration setup for Wrike or Project online (*additional license apply)

    Stay connected with our advanced integrations

BOLDBuild Basic Document Management 

  • Folder structure setup 

    Organize your project related documents throughout the project lifecycle

  • Setup basic templates 

    1 Customer proposal template setup    1 RFI template  1 Submittal template  1 Change order template  1 Purchase order template

BOLDBuild Basic Data Setup

i. Cost Class  
  • Labor   
  • Equipment  
  • Subcontractor 
  • Material 
  • Travel 
  • Other 
ii. Class codes  
  • Initial setup of 150 cost codes (customer to provide excel with mapping to Cost Classes)  
iii. Trades   
  • Product catalog   
  • Import (Product catalog – customer to provide in a formatted excel based on the template)   
  • Price lists:  1 price list setup for all products    
  • Setup sample example data for customer (Opt-in*)    

BOLDBuild Basic Reports and Dashboards 

  • Sales analytics dashboards 

    Track leads, manage opportunities, make data-driven decisions

  • Labor hours dashboard 

    Manage and optimize labor productivity with a holistic view

  • RFI and submittals dashboard 

    Streamline the RFI and submittal management process

  • Dailies review dashboard 

    Manage project dailies with one unified platform across project stages

BOLDBuild Basic End User Training ​

BOLDBuild (a maximum of one admin training session)

  • Setup services   
  • Scope of work 
  • Inclusions and exclusions     
  • Project teams   
  • Project tasks     
  • Miscellaneous item setup      
i.  BOLDBuild Basic Training: 
  • Lead to opportunity conversion  
  • MS projects integration  
  • Vendor Qualification Application  
  • Document structure  
  • Submittals  
  • RFI   
ii. Walkthrough Sales App, this includes:  
  • Account  
  • Contact  
  • Lead  
  • Opportunity  
  • BB bid  
  • Sites  
  • Service types  
  • Scope of work  
  • Inclusions and exclusions   
  • Tasks   
 iii. Walkthrough Project Management App, this includes:   
  • Pre-construction related activities 
  • Contract related activities  
  • Project related activities  
iv. Walkthrough Foreman and Field Admin Applications, this includes: 
  • Time entry  
  • Daily submission 

BOLDBuild Basic Contract Management

  • Contract creation from the estimates

  • Full contract creation only

  • Setup of projects and budgets associated with the project based on estimates

Add-ons To Make Everything Spot On

Add our add-on features to customize your plan so that all your needs are met completely. BOLDBuild can be personalized to meet the specific needs of any construction business. 


  • Review existing application with customer   
  • Discuss and finalize scope for bidding application  


(*Extra add-ons: priced separately) 

  • Approval process  
  • Form layout  
  • Field modifications    
  • Notifications (Alert – Action based alerts and notifications setup)
  • Review basic changes to the dashboards and reports 
  • Quarterly review for the following:
    1. User adoption
    2. Reporting needs
    3. System Health check
    4. Onboarding and user training help
  • Integration with Accounting Systems
    1. Add-on (QuickBooks, NetSuite, Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Foundation, SAP)
    2. Set up master data from accounting / ERP system (POs, Invoices, Cost codes, Classes, Work Orders)
  • Integrations with existing estimation tools
  • Integration with Visualization
  • Other third-party systems:
    1. Custom integrations
Migrate data from existing email system to Office 365
Migrate data from existing accounting system to Dynamics or another system
Migrate data from existing applications to BOLDBuild

Click here to learn about our BOLDBuild integrations. Want a customized integration? Talk to our BOLDBuild expert.